Congratulations on being accepted to the NEXUS Alternative Program at Listowel District Secondary School.   

Our phone Number is (519) 291-5869.

Please complete the following assignments in order to become familiar with some of the procedures and routines at NEXUS.

1. Sign in to your Google Ed. Account.  If you forget your password, ask Mr. Gurney or Mr. Valdez.

2. Once you have signed in to your Google Account, select Google Docs.  Google Docs lets you create and edit documents much like Microsoft Office or Open Office.

3.  At the top left hand corner CLICK on ‘CREATE NEW’ (it has a drop screen)
  • This gives you the option to create a Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Form, Drawing, Collection or Template
  • CLICK on Document - this gives you a blank page that you can add to and edit
  • Using this Document create a RESUME
  • OR if you have a resume, you can upload it to your Google Documents account
  • OR you can also use a template to create a resume you like
  • Then using another document create a COVER LETTER
  • OR if you have a cover letter, you can upload it to your Google Documents account
  • OR you can also use a template to create a cover letter you like

 4. Once you are done, SHARE both documents with
  • (the share tab is found on the top right hand corner)

Hopefully, this will be the main way of completing digital and word processing assignment in NEXUS.  You will never lose assignments assignments, as all assignments are automatically saved by Google.  You also will have a great email service that can Archive important emails and allow us to be able to contact you using this email.  This same Google Account login information gives you access to Google Presentations, Forms, Spreadsheets, Picasso, Calendar and Sites.

If you choose to, here are some other ways to hand in assignments.

  • Use it to find resources that may be useful to you
  • Find all 8 Coop Credit requirements on the page
  • Find Contact Information and Important Dates
  • If school is cancelled due to bad weather, find out by scrolling down the page to the LDSS symbol and follow the link for the latest cancellations.

There is a lot of useful and thought provoking information on the home page

5. Please take the time to watch the video on bottled water and answer the questions that are found at this link.

6. Right above the bottled water video you may have noticed a questionnaire asking about the year end trip.  Please fill this form out as a part of completing the assignments on this page.

7. Please click on the following link to complete the Nexus web page scavenger hunt.

8. For your last assignment you will think about your goals and email yourself in the future.

      • go to
      • enter your email - a verification email will be sent to your email
      • enter your subject OR leave it the same
      • enter the body of your letter outlining what you are currently doing, and what your goals are.  On June 13, 2016 a return email will be sent to you reminding you of this letter.  It will be like a time capsule and you can check to see if you have reached all of your goals.
  • make sure the private box is checked
  • enter the security code
  • send the email
  • go to your email, open the email verification from
  • before you click on the link to verify your email - FORWARD a copy of this email to
  • click on the link to verify your email
  • You are DONE!!